Training on Adopting a Secure Cloud

Training on Adopting a Secure Cloud

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Target Audience: Are you baffled by the variety of clouds available in the market? Are you wondering which one would be the best ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘value for money’ for your organisation. This beginner’s course on ‘Adopting a Secure Cloud’ will help you answer all your queries.
Whether you are a decision maker within the Australian federal, state or local government agencies and their partners or you are the head of department involved in cloud procurement, this course will walk you through the basics of cloud architecture and technology platform and help you come up with the best choice.

Course Goal: Vault Academy is conducting a 1 day instructor-led training programme on introduction to cloud architecture, cloud models, security measures and OpenStack platform. The goal of this programme is to take you through the journey of cloud migration and showcase the benefits of choosing Vault cloud and its secure offerings.

Learning Objectives: At the end of this training, you will be equipped with the knowledge of the basics of cloud computing services enabling you to draw comparisons between various options available in the market and making sound decisions on adopting a secure cloud for your organisation. You will also be taken through the journey of Australia’s secure cloud specialist, Vault cloud and presented with Vault’s unique value proposition:

1. Introduction to cloud and cloud computing services.
2. Identifying the unique features and capabilities of Vault Cloud.
3. Explaining how to migrate workloads to Vault Cloud.
4. Solving a business problem related to digital transformation and cloud         migration using a real life Case

Course Prerequisite: This course requires a basic understanding of IT systems and networking. It does not require any previous experience with cloud.

Certificate: A certificate of completion will be awarded to the participants upon successful completion of the training programme.

Venue: Vault Academy, Level 5, West Tower, 2 Constitution Avenue, Canberra ACT 2600.
For further enquiries, please contact us at or call Kristina Smith at 02 6190 0000